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Complete Website Template Collection and Design Framework

A framework is an underlying structure a developer uses when creating a website. Think of it as a toolkit. A frameworks speeds development time by providing a starting point for a site, provides consistency in coding by facilitating the reuse of code, and provides an easy to access location for the elements developers use frequently. This framework comes with over 125 web templates built with the framework.

Dreamweaver templates

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What's Included


If you are looking for the framework and completed projects for our Dreamweaver or Expression Web tutorials this is the package you are looking for. It includes everything you need for the courses.

Dreamweaver Users - All Templates have been tested with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, CS5 and CS6 and work great.

The framework is licensed under an open source MIT license, so you can use it in your sites and projects as much as you want and are free to customize it and make it your own. See License for more details


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Why should you purchase?

  1. This is a great resource and value. Framework + Handouts + 125+ Dreamweaver Templates and Expression Web Templates. Click Here to find out more about what's in the framework
  2. Its a resource that grows - as we add new web templates for Dreamweaver and Expression Web each month you get complete access to them. You never have to purchase again - One Purchase - Lifetime Access
  3. It makes following and practicing our web design videos much easier. Click Here For Videos
  4. It contains a great set of open source plug ins to add special features to your website such as rotating banners and image and video galleries and other great tools
  5. Can be used with any web design software but is tailored for Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Visual Studio products and Notepad++ and other text based editors.
  6. Our Customers are very happy with our Dreamweaver Templates and Expression Web Templates- check out some examples of customer feedback here

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Timothy Framework Donwload

Professional SEO Resources

Professional Sitemap Generator - $19

Create Professional Sitemaps In XML, HTML and Text format

Ever wonder how a search engine optimization company can be so effective at getting your website listed and ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo? Part of the answer is a professional sitemap script. We guarantee our sitemaps will work with Google Bing and Yahoo! Our Sitemap Generator creates your sitemaps in the three primary formats - XML, HTML and Text - that search engines look for.

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RSS Feed Generator Script - $19

Looking for a professional RSS feed generator that will work with Google, Bing and Yahoo and also work with human RSS feed readers and RSS feed aggregators like feed burner? We have the perfect solution for you. Our RSS feed generator creates an RSS feed that is structured to work with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, human RSS feed readers and RSS feed aggregators. Our RSS generator creates a feed that meets the exact specifications for an ROR.xml feed so we guarantee it will work.

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Advantages Of Using
Web Templates

Using a website template makes creating a new website fast and easy. instead of starting from scratch you begin with a design, color scheme and layout. Just add in your content and adjust the colors and fonts to fit your project and you are ready to publish your website. Web templates should be written in a straightforward fashion so they are easy to update and flexible enough so that the web template can adjust to fit your needs. Our professionally designed web templates offer you all this value.

Our website templates are designed primarily for Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web and Microsoft Visual Studio, but they are built with standard HTML CSS and JavaScript with the JQuery library, so our web templates will work with any other popular code editors for websites such as Microsoft Frontpage, Notepad++, Geany, Sublime Text, or Aptana Studio.

Features In The Framework

The framework and templates contain a great assortment of tools for content organization and animation including:

  1. A media gallery lightbox plug in with support for images and video
  2. A tool to create rotating banners, several tabbed style featured content tools, modal pop ups windows with lightbox effect, and a tool for creating frequently asked questions pages which allows the visitor to progressively reveal information.
  3. Contact information forms and Form Entry Validation and Submission Script
  4. All features are coded in open source JavaScript and JQuery which are compatible with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, Notepad++, Eclipse, Netbeans, Geany, Aptana Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Products.
  5. 125+ Web Templates designed with the framework
  6. Handouts for the Dreamweaver, Expression Web and HTML/CSS courses
  7. A search engine optimization guide and videos focused on the needs of small businesses when it comes to SEO.
  8. Much More!

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125+ Project Website Templates included with the Framework

Website Templates for Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, Notepad++, Geany, Aptana Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, and Microsoft Visual Studio

The framework includes these website templates and the images used in them for the learning videos on the website. (Images are licensed as open source Creative Commons 3.0 assets). This includes the files for the Shears Design, Cante Restaurant and Fullerton Corp series.

All the website templates can be used with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, Notepad++ and Visual Studio. Web Templates include a Dreamweaver specific version plus a standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript version for Expression Web, Notepad++ and Visual Studio.

The web templates and framework are compatible for all versions of Adobe Dreamweaver from version CS3 through the latest version Dreamweaver CC.

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Free Web Template

When you purchase a new one year domain registration and website hosting from Godaddy we will send you a free web template.

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Video Tutorials For Using The Web Templates and Framework

Looking for help in learning web design or using the framework? I have several introduction courses available that will show you start to finish how to use Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web and the Timothy Framework to create websites.

You can view these videos at: www.youtube.com/createthenet/
The videos are always available online. They cannot be downloaded.

I'd recommend you begin with the Introduction to Dreamweaver series, then view the HTML and CSS series, the watch the project series videos.

Here is a listing of our courses that the Timothy Framework is used in:

Free Future Website Templates and Updates

My hope is that this will become a great resource for you to use. I plan to update the framework with more content and new web templates all the time. When the framework is updated or new website templates are published you will be able to download them from the link you are provided when you purchase. If you sign up for the mailing list I will send out an email when major updates are available.

SEO Guide and Resources

We have a great SEO Guide and Tutorial available designed to compliment our website templates. Click Here To View Our SEO Guide.

We also have available for purchase separately:

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125+ Web Templates Included

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